Spray units

Spray Unit HEMO A22

The HEMO A22 spray unit is used for application of wall putty, light plaster and other filler materials with a particle size of up to 3 mm. HEMO A22 allows differently structured spray-puttying and can also be sued for simple puttying and for making self-levelling floors. To properly spray materials, the spray unit must have compressed air at 400-600 L/min (3-6 bar). The device has an air pressure adjuster to maintain the necessary pressure.
The HEMO A22 spray unit pumps materials with its screw pump.

The HEMO A22-2S model can pump at two different operating speeds. The HEMO A22-SM model has a frequency converter that smoothly regulates the pump output. The HEMO A22-SM device can be conveniently used to make differently structured putty surfaces. HEMO A22 is equipped with the A22-400 spray gun. The device has a remote control cable and switch. The device starts and stops when the remote control switch (24 V) is pressed. The spray unit has a bag wringer of fibreglass-plastic for emptying of putty bags. Due to the large rubber wheels the spray unit can be conveniently moved around during construction work.


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